Richard Bartlome,
Dr. sc. ETH Zurich
  • Assignee: Rofin-Lasag AG; Inventors: C. Rüttimann, U. Dürr, R. Bartlome,
    Assembly for processing workpieces by means of a laser beam.
    WO2014023828, EP2013066723.

  • Assignee: Schneeberger Holding AG; Inventors: A. Raible, R. Bartlome, Y. Sinquin,
    Device for structuring a solar module,
    WO2009155717, EP2139049.
  • Assignee: ETH Zurich; Inventors: R. Bartlome, M. Baer and M.W. Sigrist,
    High-temperature multipass cell for absorption spectroscopy of gases and vapors at elevated temperatures,
    WO2007134763, EP1860425.