Peer-reviewed journals
Richard Bartlome,
Dr. sc. ETH Zurich
  • R. Bartlome, S. De Wolf, B. Demaurex, C. Ballif, E. Amanatides, D. Mataras
    Practical silicon deposition rules derived from silane monitoring during plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
    Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 117, art. 203303, 2015
    pdf   url

  • B. Demaurex, R. Bartlome, J.P. Seif, J. Geissbühler, D.T.L. Alexander, Q. Jeangros, C. Ballif, and S. De Wolf,
    Low-temperature plasma-deposited silicon epitaxial films: growth and properties,
    Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 116, art. 053519, 2014
    pdf   url

  • A. Descoeudres, L. Barraud, R. Bartlome, G. Choong, S. De Wolf, F. Zicarelli, and C. Ballif,
    The silane depletion fraction as an indicator for the amorphous/crystalline silicon interface passivation quality,
    Applied Physics Letters, vol. 97, art. 183505, 2010
    pdf  url

  • G. Parascandolo, R. Bartlome, G. Bugnon, T. Söderström, B. Strahm, A. Feltrin, and C. Ballif,
    Impact of secondary gas-phase reactions on microcrystalline silicon solar cells deposited at high rate,
    Applied Physics Letters, vol. 96, art. 233508, 2010.
    pdf  url

  • R. Bartlome, B. Strahm, Y. Sinquin, A. Feltrin, and C. Ballif,
    Laser applications in thin-film photovoltaics
    Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, 2010, vol. 100, pp. 427436, 2010. pdf   url

  • R. Bartlome, A. Feltrin, and C. Ballif,
    Infrared laser-based monitoring of the silane dissociation during deposition of silicon thin films,
    Applied Physics Letters,
    vol. 94, art. 201501, 2009. pdf  url

  • R. Bartlome, M. Kaucikas, and M.W. Sigrist,
    Modulated resonant versus pulsed resonant photoacoustics in trace gas detection,
    Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
    , vol. 96, pp. 561–566, 2009.
    pdf  url

  • R. Bartlome and M.W. Sigrist,
    Laser-based human breath analysis: D/H isotope ratio increase following heavy water intake,
    Optics Letters, vol. 34, pp. 866–868, 2009.
    pdf  url

  • R. Bartlome, J.M. Rey, and M.W. Sigrist,
    Vapor-phase infrared laser spectroscopy: from gas sensing to forensic urinalysis,
    Analytical Chemistry, vol. 80, pp. 5334–5341, 2008.
    pdf  url

  • M.W. Sigrist, R. Bartlome, D. Marinov, J.M. Rey, D.E. Vogler, and H. Wächter,
    Trace gas monitoring with infrared laser-based detection schemes
    Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
    , vol. 90, pp. 289–300, 2008.
    pdf  url

  • R. Bartlome, M. Baer, and M.W. Sigrist,
    High-temperature multipass cell for infrared spectroscopy of heated gases and vapors
    Review of Scientific Instruments
    , vol. 78, art. 013110, 2007.
    pdf  url

  • C. Fischer, R. Bartlome, and M.W. Sigrist,
    The potential of mid-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy for the detection of various doping agents used by athletes,
    Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
    , vol. 85, pp. 289–294, 2006. url

  • K. Eidmann, T. Kawachi, A. Marcinkevicius, R. Bartlome, G.D. Tsakiris, K. Witte, and U. Teubner,
    Fundamental and harmonic emission from the rear side of a thin overdense foil irradiated by an intense ultrashort laser pulse
    Physical Review E, vol. 72, art. 036413, 2005 pdf

  • P. Dittrich, R. Bartlome, G. Montemezzani, and P. Günter,
    Femtosecond laser ablation of DAST,

    Applied Surface Science, vol. 220, pp. 88–95, 2003.
    pdf  url